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Cosmic Flow is a relaxing visual experience, an audio-visual massage for the mind, a kaleidoscopic meditation.

Cosmic Flow was developed by an artist as a first part of a series of VR experiences encouraging connection and personal expression. A relaxed mind is better able to understand and express itself. Cosmic Flow hopes to instill this feeling of relaxation so that, when the headset comes off, the feeling continues.

I'm currently working on making this experience more interactive. Stay tuned!

Also available for the Oculus Quest: https://www.oculus.com/experiences/quest/3872076276162726/

And Oculus Go: https://www.oculus.com/experiences/go/2238526112927836/


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Cosmic Flow PC.zip 466 MB
Oculus Quest APK

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APK link is not working!!!

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Is there a way to access Cosmic Flow on the Oculus Go? The oculus website does not have an option to download it. 

Won't  let me download the direct apk file so I can't really use it.

Congrats on AppLab! Any word on keys for us prior purchasers?

Oh never mind, I didn’t realize it was free. Thanks :)


Is there a link for the apk that isnt trough sidequest?


Can I play this without any VR device? I got the menu with the "start" but can't get it to work, pls help? It looks gorgeous 

I'll add support to starting without a click to the next version which is coming soon!

have you thought about adding spotify support so people can listen to their playlists or other music they find relaxing. Id love to see what avawaves would look like on there

After an intense day of hard working, I just had a 30mn session on the quest version.... and let me say that it is by far one of the most beautiful visual I ever saw, and I'm a massive fan of music visualization.

I never thought that someday, someone would create this kind of experience.

You did, and I'd like to express my eternal gratitude.

I love it !!!

And yes !!! you made it !!!  It works !!!

I'm relaxed, in the real world.

Thanks, thanks, and thanks again...

Hi Dimitri,

I wondered, if buying the PC version will allow me to download the Quests versions in the future ?

It's a very beautiful app, thanks a lot !!!

I wondered if you plan to add the possibility to play our own songs on it.... I would love it.

Do you plan to synchronize the music with the visualization ?

That would make this app incredible.

There is a 32€ asset for unity, I'm ready to pay it for you if you plan to add such a functionality (if it's not too much work to do of course).

Anyway, it's a wonderful app, so thank you, thank you and thank you again !!!

And I loved the message inside the app, this was a wonderful idea !!!

Peace !!!


Brilliant! I eagerly await more of your releases.

Is the PC version any different to the quest version in level of detail/quality?

Thank you! Right now I'm working on adding more complexity to the Quest and PC versions together. Once I find that there's something I can't do on the Quest but really really want to do, I'll branch the versions. In other words, there's no difference right now but sooon.